For Music Properties

Properties need to deliver authentic and rewarding brand engagements.


By immersing brands credibly into their culture and experience.

Create the opportunities for brands to integrate into in a meaningful way.

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For Brands

Brands need to join the party.

Become part of the community and engage attendees into

your brand story.

Brands that assimilate into the culture of the property elevate

the adventure for fans.

Create value and social currency that goes beyond the experience.

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Speak Brand

As a 20 year marketing veteran who’s been shaped by work on the brand, ad agency, and music industry side, I’ve developed a unique 360 view. One that sees endless possibilities (and can’t ignore the missed opportunities) that brands and music properties have to embrace.

The live industry values the role that brands play in enhancing the experience for their fans, and brands are eager to engage with music properties to reach niche markets, but they don’t often speak the same language.

Here’s where I can help:

Brand alignment strategy

Identifying and leveraging existing assets

Developing curated brand integration opportunities

Building brand enhancements that are authentic to the culture of the property

We can work together to create engagements that wow fans, drive content, go viral, and deliver an ROI.

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